What You Need to Know About the New Office Paradigm

The new creative office is more than walls, floors and ceilings. It’s about more than making a living in a cool space. It’s about environments that help people make a life, says WeWork EVP Luca Gualco. That’s why we’re excited to hear more from Luca and other experts at Bisnow’s Boston Office of the Future event on May 28, starting at 7:30am at the Boston Sheraton.

People rent space at WeWork offices in South Station and Fort Point to build a community and relationships as they build their business. Of course, WeWork provides all the amenities of today’s open plan offices: desks, expansive sight lines, quiet places for heads-down work and a library. There are

plenty of common areas furnished with tables and leather couches; play stations, ping pong and foosball. At the community bar—open 24/7 with free coffee and beer—members (please don’t call them tenants although they rent their space) can peruse a daily menu of events that aim to bring WeWork members closer to each other and to infuse their energy into the outside community, Luca tells us.

In addition to networking and events, WeWork tries to transmit energy to its members by celebrating the successes of their businesses. When growing firms can expand right there, it makes the WeWork community “more meaningful”, Luca says. Of its 25,000 members worldwide, 65% have grown in

place, he tells us. Boston, where the 5-year-old company has nearly 3,000 members, is an important place for the company to have a foothold. It’s a center of innovation, thanks in some measure to the area’s profusion of colleges and universities. The Hub is undergoing the transition from a corporate-dominated economy to a more entrepreneurial one and WeWork settled in an “emerging” neighborhood to help shape the city’s new countenance.


May 21, 2015 | Susan Diesenhouse

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