A Uniquely Modern Workplace


Today’s most productive employees require an engaging environment conducive to collaboration and innovation. “Assembly line” production has been replaced by a more heuristic workflow. Hierarchical leadership has given way to a distributed work force and flattening of organizations. To compete, corporations are increasingly realizing that space that worked just a few years ago, no longer does. Open plans have replaced walls. Adjacencies and collaboration are more important than ever.

CID provides unmatched savings by reducing a firm’s real estate cost per employee. Moreover, beyond the cost savings inherent in its more efficient space, the top line revenue benefits through such an engaging environment can enable a company to reach its true potential.  Yet the preponderance of availabilities in suburban Boston are built to the specifications of workers in the last millennium. The Center at Innovation Drive is that distinctive asset that has been thoroughly renovated with the demands of today’s modern workforce in mind. In addition to providing the template to enact cutting-edge workplace strategies, sustainability, health and wellness are central themes of the redevelopment. CID has been designed to achieve, and is presently pursuing, LEED certification of the building’s construction as well as operations for sustainability as well as precertification under the WELL building standard for health and wellness. Whether the CEO, CFO, or head of HR, CID can satisfy the most demanding of tenant needs and allow you to retain and recruit the talent you need to compete and win in today’s economy.


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